Using the Estate Manager

Using the Estate Manager

The Estate Manager offers a fully-featured toolset for tracking your recurring revenue devices. This portal is generally used when you have multiple users in one location and/or multiple devices/locations. Resellers are able to add/edit information regarding your inventory, includes location and address for reporting purposes. You can also indicate if a device should be included in your subscription for recurring billing.  The Estate Manager even allows you to generate reports for incorporating with your own systems!

Navigate to the Estate Manager

To open your Estate, log into your Steady Brand account. Next, click the "Estate Manager" link on the "My Account" page:

Using the Estate Manager

After the Estate loads, you should see all the devices and streams you have purchased from Steady Brand in the table. Are you missing devices? Please contact us :

If the table does not load, simply refresh the page.

Table Filtering

Near the top-left side of the page, there are two drop-down fields that can filter the table results: Service, and Billing.

Click one of the two fields and make a selection from the list to apply the filter. 


Filterable service options are as follows:


Filterable billing options are as follows (check marks indicate default view upon loading Estate Manager):

Explanation of Service and Billing Status is defined later in this guide.

Clear Filters

To remove filter options, click the "Clear filters" button:

Table Search and Export

Above the top-right side of the table, you will find additional options for searching and exporting table records:

Simply start typing into the "Search" field to further refine the displayed results:

To clear the search, delete your entered text.


If you need to export the results, simply click the desired export option. Excel and CSV formats are both supported:

The "Copy" button simply copies the table data to your clipboard.

MAC Address

The MAC address is a unique identifier for your device that is set when the unit is manufactured. It cannot be changed!
MAC addresses are used by technicians to aid in connecting the device to the internet. They are also needed for device troubleshooting with Steady Brand support.

Note that this field cannot be edited - the MAC address is permanently linked to the device.

Identifier/Serial Number

The identifier for each device is assigned by Steady Brand. Typically, they will be comprised of a combination of letters and numbers.
Identifiers are required for for device troubleshooting and warranty claims with Steady Brand support.

Note that this field cannot be edited - the serial number is permanently linked to the device.

Virtual Remote

Each device is setup with a virtual remote. The remote can be used to change music channels on the device.
Most Steady Brand resellers choose to share these virtual remotes with the end-user so they can change channels as desired.

To use the remote, simply click the "Conductor" button:

A new tab will open in your browser. From here, new channels can be selected from the list of 80+ options. Volume adjustments can also be made from the remote, and the device can be muted for off-hours, non-payment, etc.

The remote is optimized for mobile, so take a look on your phone!

Start Date

This date is only accessible by Steady Brand personal, it is used to show the first month of billing for that device.


Please select the service that you are using.

  1. Atmosphere TV
  2. Licensed Music
  3. Licensed Music & Announcements
  4. Message Library & Scheduling
  5. Video Signage


  1. Active - Location will be invoiced on the 1st of the month.
  2. Decommissioned - Device has been lost or rendered unusable for whatever reason.
  3. Demo - Reserved for reseller office or site specific devices for end user to test the service.
  4. Inactive - When a customer cancels and the device has been silenced. NOTE: Upon retrieval and refurbishing, clear location information and set the Billing status to "Inventory".
  5. Inventory - Default status set when equipment is shipped to reseller and until it has been installed at a customer location.
  6. RMA - Any device with potential performance issues that has been replaced at customer location and is in reseller possession for diagnosis.
  7. Trial - Used when installed at a customer location for them to preview the service. 2-week limit unless authorized with your channel sales representative.


Name of the Business location plus unit or zone identifier. Location name must be entered first then - "zone or identifier".


Physical address of the location. Cannot be PO Box. With multiple devices in same location, this is critical that all addresses are exactly the same for each device under the location.






Free form field that you may use for notes such as phone number or when the device billing should start.
Conversions, Promotions or other Specials.